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Science4Life Finals 2024

Science4Life Finals 2024

Second Place šŸ„ˆ in the finals of the biggest German Businessplan competition!

July 01, 2024 ā€¢ 2 min read ā€¢ Competitions

The Science4Life Venture Cup is a renowned business plan competition, which is aimed specifically at founders in the future-oriented sectors of life sciences and chemistry. The competition offers a unique platform that is specifically tailored to the challenges and needs of these industries. Participants benefit from the professional support of a network of experienced industry experts who provide them with individual support, targeted further training opportunities and expert evaluation of the projects submitted.

The competition is structured in three phases, each reflecting the different stages of founding a company:

  1. Idea Phase
  2. Concept Phase
  3. Business Plan Phase

After our successful participation in the first and second round of the competition we made it to the finals. The five best teams of the Venture Cup, including us, and the three best teams of the parallel Energy Cup were invited to the coveted Academy Days. Here we once again had the chance to further discuss our business model with different experts, lawyers, investors and founders. Here we want to give special thanks to our coaches Oliver Dietrich from ODC Management, Iwer Baecker from Bayer and Uwe Nikolaus Thein from theinmedia for the intensive and productive discussions!

We are honored that our innovative business idea fiberior won the second place of this years Science4Life Venture Cup šŸŽ‰šŸ„ˆ. We also want to congratulate the teams that made it to the final round of the Venture Cup with us: CeraSleeveĀ®, Tenta Vision Quasar Therapeutics and especially the winners from ResCure.

Congratulations are, of course, also due for the winners of the Energy Cup, the Illutherm GmbH.

Special thanks to the Science4Life-Team consisting of Dr. Lutz MĆ¼ller, Isabel Gundlach und Patricia Schempp for the great planning of the entire competition and the precious Academy Days!