Science4Life Concept Phase

Science4Life Concept Phase

We were invited to the coveted Academy Days and awarded a prize as one of the winners of the concept phase.

March 14, 20242 min readCompetitions

The Science4Life Venture Cup is a renowned business plan competition, which is aimed specifically at founders in the future-oriented sectors of life sciences and chemistry. The competition offers a unique platform that is specifically tailored to the challenges and needs of these industries. Participants benefit from the professional support of a network of experienced industry experts who provide them with individual support, targeted further training opportunities and expert evaluation of the projects submitted.

The competition is structured in three phases, each reflecting the different stages of founding a company:

  1. Idea hase
  2. concept phase
  3. business plan phase

After our successful participation in the first round (Idea Phase), we also applied for the concept phase of the competition. The 10 best teams in the Venture Cup, including us, and the 5 best teams in the Energy Cup, which took place at the same time, were then invited to the two-day Academy Days in Frankfurt. Here we had the opportunity to present our business model to various experts, lawyers, investors and founders. investors and founders to discuss our business model and learn more about it. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Leif Gösta Gerling, Dr. Nina Schäper, Dr. Malte Köllner, Friedrich von Diest and Dr. Volker Schlüter for their intensive coaching!

fiberior, one of the winners of the concept phase of the Science4Life Venture Cup

We also feel particularly honored that fiberior's innovative business idea was recognized as one of the winners of the Science4Life Venture Cup Concept Phase 🎉. It was a great honor for us to receive the award from State Secretary Umut Sönmez and Jens Atzrodt from Sanofi. We also congratulate the other winners, including CeraSleeve®, immuneAdvice, ResCure, 2NA FISH, Illutherm GmbH, Nanolope and SHIT2POWER, to this success.

Many thanks also to the Science4Life team around Dr. Lutz Müller, Isabel Gundlach and Patricia Schempp for organizing the competition and the great Academy Days!