JEC DACH Forum 2023

JEC DACH Forum 2023

Finals of the JEC DACH Startup Booster Competition in Salzburg.

October 23, 20231 min readCompetition

The JEC Forum DACH presents itself as the central platform for business connections in the industry for composites. The goal of the event is to connect buyers - individuals with specific expectations or projects from different areas like Research and Development, Design, Acquisition and company leaders - with experts from their respective areas.

Within the JEC DACH Forum we had the chance to participate in the distinguished Startup Booster Competition. Here we could prevail against strong competitors and could count ourselves to the Top 5 finalists. The special accomplishment lead to an invitation to Salzburg from the 24. to the 25. of Octover where we were able to present our project to a well-versed audience and a critical Jury.